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    Loading issue - involving IF statement

      Hey guys,


      I'm trying to load the following script into Qlikview:



      [Client Name] As Client_Name,

      [Account Number],
      [Portfolio Name],
      if(len(Client_Name) = 0, 'Fail','Pass') as Client_Name_No_Data
      //     if([Client Name] = "0", 'Fail','Pass') as Client_Name_Wrong_Data,
      //     if(sum([Client Name]) > 0, 'Numerical','Alphabetical') as [Alphabetical/Numerical],



      Having issues as it wont recognise the 'Client Name'. I've tried it without renaming [Client Name] As Client_Name as well. When loading with out the If Statement - it works fine.


      Can anybody assist please?


      Kind Regards