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    If statement in table box

    Bella Mae

      I am trying to solve a conundrum.  In the coding I have two fields, named the same (field_seq) coming from different
      tables (Table1.field_seq and Table2.field_seq) these have been renamed to be distinct.

      What I need is for a field/row of data to only appear if they are the same, if the two fields are the same, I can't do this in the code as they will always match until a property is chosen in the document. 


      When a property is chosen Table1.field_seq is set but the system is pulling through all Table2.field_seq that have a corresponding Table2.field_code.


      e.g. if  ‘645’ (Table1.field_seq=1) is chosen, field_code ‘Fridge’ (Table2.field_seq=1) shows but so does any other field_seq with ‘Fridge’ as its field_code (Table2.field_seq=#, #, # & #)


      I have this in a table box and a straight table and cannot find a way to limit the info.