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    Expressor 3.9.1 Bug Report

      I think I may have found a bug, but I did not yet reproduce it under a large number of scenarios.  I was using Expressor 3.9.1 Build Revision 24933.


      When using a delimited schema, Expressor rejects records when a data field ends with a the 1st character of your field delimiter.




      Field Delimiter:



      Good Record:

      Field 1 Data|~|Field 2 Data|~|Field 3 Data


      Good Record:

      Field | Data|~|Field || Data|~|Field ||| Data


      Bad Record:



      Bad Record:


        • Re: Expressor 3.9.1 Bug Report

          I have confirmed your observation and will file a bug.


          In the interim, you should try to specify delimiters that start with a character that will not be the last character in a field value.  Field terminators do not need to be printable characters.  You may specify a delimiter character through its hexadecimal representation - \xHH where HH represents the two character hexadecimal representation.