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    Overview of scheduled script runs


      We have ~ 100 applications running. The interval varies from a few minutes to a day, week etc.

      There are often a lot of red crosses in Management Console. Probably because we get too many jobs running at the same time.

      With that many jobs running it gets hard to get a grip when scripts start and stop. To avoid crowded times, it would be helpful to see some graphic display of the events.

      Or even better, something that could automatically run the scripts when there is available capacity. Wishful thinking...?

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          Tyler Waterfall

          Hej Mats,

          These are great questions and a nice idea. I can't speak to the Publisher automation side, but you might consider looking at the Governance Dashboard 1.1 (GovDB) to track the most recent task Reload results for errors and for timing.  The GovDB currently only lists the last reload status / details for each doc-task in Publisher (instead of a complete history), but this might provide a good starting point.


          You can find the GovDB on the main QV Download site or on QlikMarket HERE.


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            Very Good Question.


            1-Governance Dashboard is the Best solution.

            2-switch large data to Incremental Load thus you will get your memory free as max as script can.