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    Field created by Partial loading not able to display value at table.

      Hi All



      I have read 3 sheet of excel raw data into QV. 2 sheet out of 3 sheet data is running fine , except 1 sheet data refuse to display at QV.



      Only those field not able to display the 2 field which is created from partial load script. ( This is the first time i encounter this problem ).



      At frist i though it is cause by i am not able to use :-



      Price as LIST,

      Price as LIST_PRICE



      But i notice that even i use below command it still not able to display any value.



      Subfield([Price],'USD',2) as LIST,

      Subfield([Price],'USD',2) as LIST_PRICE



      ROUND([Price],0.01)  as LIST_PRICE,

      ROUND([Price],0.01)  as LIST


      KeepChar([Price],'1234567890.') as [LIST_PRICE],

      KeepChar([Price],'1234567890.') as [LIST]



      I even try use the above command at partial load script , it still refuse to display result.



      and I even manually make the raw data number by manually type in the number it still refuse to display.



      Hope some one can share with me how to make those partial load script field display value.


      I have try for 3 hour , still unable to figure out why ?