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    QlikView Management Console Reload List Clean up?

      Dear All,


      I've had a look around, and can't see this problem in quite the same form as elsewhere. We're running QlikView Server with Publisher.


      We basically lost some CALs by deleting a document at the wrong point in the removal sequence. We managed ro recover the CALs by basically doing the blank document trick (recreating a document of the same name and clearing down .pgo files).


      But we have been left with a bit of debris. The document does not exist, is not listed in the Documents tab, and we have recovered the CALs. But we've still got the document scheduled in the Reload list, and although we can disable it we can't get rid of the entry. We've tried bringing back dummy documents of the same name, but QlikView consistently treats this as a new document. Is there any way of clearing out this entry in the reload list, even when the document doesn't show anywhere else in QlikView?