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    Alerts on task start and task end emails

      I am struggling to believe that it is not available, but surely there is an option to send automated email when the QEMC starts refreshing a task to say "Job x started at hh:mm on date and email another to say that job x is now finished refreshing .

      See - I have looked through the server and I do not want to send a PDF and I do not want to send the file - I just want to send to the Administrators, when jobs start and when jobs finish, alerts when they fail and that allows us to know if a job has taken too long and we need to take action - or if a job has completed on time and we can rest easy and get on with things.

      As it stands - I need to log in each day to check that no jobs are still in a running state in excess.

      Tell me I am missing something please and then point me to where I should be looking please?


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          Bill Markham



          In the QMC go to :

          • System
          • Set Up
          • Distribution Services and select your one
          • General tab [on right]
          • Tick Alert Email [at the bottom]



          Best Regards,     Bill

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            I too have always had an issue with trying to do this (QV 10). I have a set of 20 jobs that cascade (each one kicks off the next) with alert qvw's interspersed. The first job starts at a given time on the clock, and I never do see any of the alerts (email messages to me). When I actually remote to the server and manually kick off the jobs, then the alerts do come.


            [I wonder if the reason I get no alerts is that no one is logged in to the server during normal operation. And if that's the case, how I would rectify that.]


            By the way, in my QEMS, I have no Distribution Services option under System/Setup. All I have are:


            QlikView Servers

            Directory Service Connectors

            QlikView Web Servers

            Mail Server

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                Bill Markham



                I am using QV11 with Publisher so my QMC no doubt looks different to yours, but after configuring your email config can send a test email ok ?



                Best Regards,     Bill

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                    Yes, I can. Thanks --




                    Also, tested my theory by remaining remoted in to our QV server and standing by while the jobs kicked off automatically. No email alerts were sent.


                    Like I said, if I remote to the server and kick off the job stream manually, then email alerts are sent.


                    QV Job STream.PNG.png

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                        Roy - this again looks a little extreme to me.

                        I am suprised that we cannot just have an alert to say when a job starts and when it ended - SQL server and many others offer this in SSIS and alike.  There must be something surely?  The server cearly logs it - so why cant we call it and post it onward?

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                            Yaniv Feldman

                            Hi Peter


                            Unfortunately we didn't find any way to notify a job start... this shows how Publisher really fits for big enterprises...

                            However, we found the following work-around:


                            In order to send alerts when a job starts we created a supporting task that call BLAT.EXE (it's a free executable that sends emails on command line). Just schedule this task before the real tasks.


                            In order to send notifications on a job end - you need to do the following:

                            1. Open the task properties, go to Distribute Tab, go to Manually sub-tab.

                            2. In the 'Distribute to Folder' you will see an icon for selecting users - select your username (the one who should get the notification). The email that you'll receive will not contain the qvw document.

                            3. Go to Notify sub-tab and click on the check-box.