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    GOVERNANCE DASHBOARD numbers are and how to interpret them

      Hello Everyone,


      In the GOVERNANCE DASHBOARD when I look at the numbers on the
      QVW Overview tab.



      Size (MB) 750
      Sessions  226
      Cardinality 49%


      I'm I looking at the actual numbers on the server (live) or is this figured out
      another way ?


      Also when I see the number of Sessions or Size (MB) is these values live ?
      or the running total or peak... (I'm sure I don't have 226 users connected
      at the same time... so it must be total number of sessions but since when ?)
      How about Size (MB) how do I interpret the 750 MB ?


      Do I need to do anything to have the current values in the Dashboard
      refreshed on the dashboard ?


      I'm trying to get an idea of what these numbers are and how to interpret them.




        • Re: GOVERNANCE DASHBOARD numbers are and how to interpret them
          Tyler Waterfall

          Hi Eric.

          Size is the size of the QVW that was scanned as part of the "Documents | List of Files Paths to Scan". 750 means the QVW is 750 MB. (Note that Windows Explorer might show a slightly different file size.)


          Sessions: With no other selections made, Sessions denotes the total number of sessions opened for that document on server - for all the history of server Sessions.log files that were scanned.  View more time-specific session data for that app on the Sessions tab (of GovDB 1.1).


          For other specific questions, you might consider doing a text search on the online Help documentation for the Dashboard, HERE (for GovDB 1.1).

          Like any QVW app, the Governance Dashboard is not real-time but requires updating (reload) either manually or via Publisher.  Typical scenario is for a client to install and configure the Dashboard and then setup a doc task in Publisher to update the app daily (or more- or less-often as deemed useful).