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    No Webbsite to choose from?

    Gustav Gager

      Hi there.

      Im trying to deploy Qlikview using IIS isntead of the buildin webbserver.

      I have created a simple batchscript to install IIS on Server 2012 (pkgmgr) and in my test enviroment in works great. But when i tried to use it on a new installed customer server i ran into a problem.

      IIS works perfectly but when i install QV server and choose IIS installation: you get a dialog where you choose witch website you want to use. In my case. There ware no website what so ever. rebooted, iisreset end everytjing else that i could think of.

      Anyone has any idee or know whats required for the installation to actually "detect" the websites on the local machine.

      The batch script i use ins attached. Perhaps someone else find is usefull.