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      I have a graph (gauge) in a container object and want to make it detached . I have selected detached and read only options from the General tab menu of the Properties. But still the graph seems to be changing according to the selections made in other pages. How can I make just this page standalone so that it does not change with selections made on other pages.


      I am new to qlikview , I have not used set analysis . The expression field for this gauge object is calculated as percentage of 2 variables.

      EXPRESSION: ($(variable1)/$(variable2 ))*100

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          One way is to create add an alternate state on the General tab of the document properties window and then assign that new alternate state to the gauge object on the General tab of its properties window. Selections in the default state won't be applied to objects in another alternate state.


          The other way would be to change the expressions in the variables so they ignore all selections. For example Sum(Sales) would become Sum({1} Sales).

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            Thanks.. it worked fine