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    Wait command in script

      Hi all,


      I am writing a script that runs a set of SQL commands and then joins data to an external source in order to create a report. Works perfectly. Unfortunately one of my SQLs is a DBMS output, which I am quite sure qlikview doesn't support. So I need to run this DBMS SQL (at least for now) externally and save as a .csv.


      The SQL queries in the beginning of the script take about 30 minutes to run. I don't want to get through all of these and not have my DBMS output for the day completed. I know I can run that first, then the script, but that is not most time efficient.


      Long story short - Is there some sort of wait command in the script? My pseudo code would be:


      do While date(DBMS.filedate) < today

           wait 60 seconds



      Is there another way to accomplish "stalling" the script? Hope this makes sense. Thanks!