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    Access related issue

    Michael Jordan

      Hi all,


      I am working on a dashboard in which if a person is selected then the Photo of the person is shown to the dashboard user.

      I am showing the image on a Text box with Text = Path for the Photo and representation as Image.


      The Photos are present on a some other shared drive on some other server. Now when I am deploying the application whether I need give access to the Photo Folder to all my user's or jus the Service Account (i.e. the account used to run Qlikview services).


      I have tested this in UAT server and giving access to just the Service Account in workin find in UAT but in Production it is not showing anything. I do not have access to production environment to check as well.


      Many thanks for the help.



        • Re: Access related issue
          Mark James

          Hello Amar,


          You should allow access for the QV Service user. This is correctly set up in your UAT environment. I would suggest double checking to make sure you have set up exactly the same configuration in your production as in UAT environment.


          The environments should be the same.