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    QlikView Reports - header/footer doesn't print

      I know the QV Report editor is not the strongest part of the product, but geez...


      Go to "Edit Reports", choose my report, go to "Reports"->"Report Settings"->"Header/Footer".


      In the "Header" I select the box "Center Section" and type in "Goldmine Summary Report".


      Then, I click on the footer, and click "Page", type " OF ", and click "Total Pages".


      In my Report window, I see the layout, with the header shown properly, but only "OF" in the footer.


      OK, I think, it doesn't assign the page #'s until run time. So I print it.


      NEITHER header nor footer shows up. I open up "Reports"->"Print"->"Header/Footer", where I see all my changes staring back at me.


      What gives?!