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    NPrinting experience

    Paul Scotchford

      We are using NPrinting for deploying PDF (QV) reports.

      I am interested to hear other users stories and experiences of this product, for example  ...


      # Ease of Use

      # Reliability

      # Recovery (e.g. Reliably restarts after a server failure)


      And a merry xmas and happy new year to all.

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          Neil Gulliver

          Hi, Paul.

          I am a regular user of NPrinting and use it with a number of clients. I tend to use it to produce word and excel documents rather than PDFs. Excel reports, in particular, are easy to produce. In every instance, NPrinting has been used for automatically distribute reports to email addresses or folders accessible to users, often on a weekly basis.


          I haven't experienced any reliability issues. I do occasionally email Vizubi with queries and they are pretty good at replying, always within 24 hours. One thing I would like to see more of is online documentation or examples.


          I have seen a number of recovery failures after a power outage or a cold server reboot but they have been tracked down to settings within the server manager or windows.




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              Paul Scotchford

              Hi Neil,

              Thanks for your reply, all the best for 2014.



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                Michael Gardner

                Hey Neil,


                From your experience why would a client request NPrinting?  Is it to circumvent buying additional QV licenses?  The product seems to be counter intuitive to what QlikView is about in terms of "Business Discovery".

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                    Paul Scotchford

                    Not really Michael, the reason to use NPrinting is where the client has $budgeted more for Document licences and NPrinting is economical to purchase to manage all report deployments, we use it to deploy PDFs to our retail users.


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                      Neil Gulliver

                      Hi, Michael.

                      I think Paul has identified the most common reason. Often there are business people either unwilling or not needing the QlikView functionality but requiring the 'business discovery'. Many people are comfortable reading excel, word, ppt reports which NPrinting can produce and do not want to use QlikView BUT do need insight into what QlikView has revealed.

                      This is particularly common with yearly reports. It can be difficult justfying the cost of a Doc Cal when the user is only interested in using the Cal once a year. Executive reports are also commonly summarised. The executive committee may not be interested in the detail but just want the bottom line and any queries about the data they may refer back to the BI developer/team.




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                        Steve Dark

                        Hi Michael,


                        My company, Quick Intelligence, is a re-seller for NPrinting.  We chose to back this piece of software as we believe it compliments one of the weaker aspects of QlikView (static reporting), particularly when individuals receiving the information are emotionally tied to Excel.  The other reason we are happy to recommend it is that it is very good value - with no additional cost for each user that only requires fixed output.  This output can be pushed to them via email or a drop folder - perhaps on an intranet.


                        Please get in touch directly if you would like more information on the product, or take a look at the NPrinting page on our web site.


                        - Steve