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    License issue

      I appear to have developed a small problem with one of my documents.


      When opening Qlikview on my client PC, I was presented with a license error "Qlikview was unable to acquite valid license information for your license key.  Please contact Qlikivew support for assistance".  I could then only access Personal Edition.


      I came to the conclusion that this was because all available user CALs had been allocated out to other people by the server.  Removed one of assigned users from the list on the "Assigned Users" screen in the management console.  This then allowed me to lease a license from the server and I thought my problem was then solved.


      However, now when I re-open my document, my privileges appear to be significantly reduced in as much as I can't right click and select properties on any of my objects, I can't edit the script etc.  It's as though I'm now just a user of the document as opposed to designer/developer.


      How can I get my full access back?


      Thanks for your replies!

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          Peter Cammaert

          Either you are:


          • using File->Open in Server... to let QlikView Desktop act as a simple Portal client. Various things stop working since you are now visiting the AccessPoint as a regular user.
          • or opening a document with Section Access enabled. If your role = USER, you don't get many permissions except those that were assigned to users by the developer (role = ADMIN)


          Check it out.





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            Michael Solomovich


            From your description it looks like your open an application on QV Server rather than directly (local or network).  Or, there is a section access and you open it as a user.

            Can you access "Document Properties"?  If yes - can you see tab "Security"?

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              Hi Andy,


              Did u have a named license? Those hace full rights on every document.



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                  Ok, thanks for all of the responses everyone. To clarify a few things.....


                  I am picking up what I'd refer to as a User CAL, which I believe to be a named user license.

                  The document does have Section Access being used to specify who can see what.

                  The document properties tab is "greyed" out on both my client PC or if I try and access the document on the Qlikview server, logged in as admin.


                  I'll continue trying things over the weekend to see if I can get it, but it will largely be a trial and error process.  If anyone can suggest how to fix it in the meantime it would be much appreciated.



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                  Peter Cammaert

                  A few tips to make the recovery easier:


                  • Do not try to fix anything in he AccessPoint. Visiting your document in the AP means by definition that your role = USER, even if specified otherwise in the Section Acces table. Everybody has role USER in the AccessPoint. This also means: fewer or even minimal permissions.
                  • Get a copy of the document (qvw) on your PC. ADMIN roles (not user names) really do work in a QV Desktop and grant you permission to change everything inside, even those things that were disabled at first.
                  • Figure out what or who is inside the Section Access table. If SA recognizes you and grants you role = ADMIN, then you can fix everything. If you won't get role = ADMIN, use a Windows account (or a username/password combination if Section Access doesn't depend on NTNAME) that does to open the document.
                  • If none of these work, contact the developer to get you in or to remove/disable SA. If you are the developer, then you must have a development copy without SA lying around somwhere, no?


                  Reading mostly between the lines, I'm guessing that you're not sure how to get into this document or what exactly is in the Section Access table. Best to figure that out first.


                  Edit: Good luck!