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    How to fix the result even though you filter

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, QV community


      I have a question but I am not it is possible to make it work the way I want it to work.

      I will give you a example to understand what my question is about.

      Say that you are spend only money on clothes, coffee and food in one year.

      You have a budget for each category.

      You want know to how much you spend relative of your budget in every month.

      For example you want know how much you are spending percent of your budget in April in Food.


      Butt my question is can I filter to two categories but still have the same percent numbers.

      For example I have 2,13% of my yearly clothes' budget spent in April, 5,80% of my yearly Food's budget spent in April and 4,71% of my yearly coffee's budget spent in April.

      But now only want to look at Food and Coffee and compare them to each other.

      But I only want to look at the two categories but not change the percent numbers.

      Anybody have any suggestions?


      regards Darri