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    How to join two data set from different databases?

      Hi all,

           Merry Christimas:

           I need merge two different datasets which come from different database - one is from SQL server 2008 R2 and another one from Oracle database, in QLIKVIEW. The SQL server data includes MedicalRecordNo, AdmissionTime, DischargeTime, Name. Gener and birthday and HospitalAccountID. The Oracle data includes MedicalRecordNo, FlushotDate and Dose. I would like to merge these two dataset in Qlikview by using MRN. There might be multiple admissions for a patient. I need make sure the FlushotDate is between admission date and discharge date. I want to show all the SQL server data and the merged flushot data. How can I do it? I used APPLYMAP function to get some records, but the results are not what I want since it includes all the Oracle records.