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    QlikView Server Best practices

    Arish Selvadurai

      Hi All, I am new to QlikView. I am trying search the following... did not find much details...


      QlikView Server has following components:


      1. QlikView Server

      2. Reload/Distribution Engine

      3. Management Console

      4. Web server


      I Have 2 Physical Servers load with memory. 1 Server License, 1 Publisher Licence. Bunch of Name CALS and Bunch of Doc CALS.

      I want the developers access to 1 Server and Production to access 1 Server.


      Developers                                Production


      QlikView Server                         QlikView Web portal (IIS)

      Reload/Distribution Engine          Developed Solutions (Application)

      Management Console

      QlikView Desktop


      Is this the best way to setup the Server environment? If not what is the best way to set it up? and why?