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    Load Statement Help

    David Young

      I have tried to move the below calculation being performed in a chart to the load statement of a script and not getting the results I want.  What I am trying to do is to eliminate the top 95% and bottom 5% of my numbers to come up with a number.  I am sure I need to break it up into a couple of load statements but it is not working.  Any ideas will be helpful.  Here is the calculation:


      avg(Total <Industry>aggr(if(aggr(sum({<AssetName= {"MaintenanceDirect"}>}EF4Value__c),AcctNum)>=

      fractile(Total <Industry>aggr(sum({<AssetName= {"MaintenanceDirect"}>}EF4Value__c),AcctNum),.05)


      aggr(sum({<AssetName= {"MaintenanceDirect"}>}EF4Value__c),AcctNum)<=

      fractile(total <Industry> aggr(sum({<AssetName= {"MaintenanceDirect"}>}EF4Value__c),AcctNum),.95),

      aggr(sum({<AssetName= {"MaintenanceDirect"}>}EF4Value__c),AcctNum)),AcctNum, Industry))



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          Srikanth P

          You can convert above calculations into script level by using GROUP BY clause and your selections may be limited in you perform the calculations in the script level.


          Please post some sample data and desired out put so some one from community will help you.

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              David Young

              A sample of the data load above would be:



              CommunityCollege                           50%

              HE                                                    60%

              Public-K12                                        70%

              Charter                                             74%


              Does this make sense?