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    Load Excel file into QLikView - merge tables


      I am loading a table from excel into QLikView using

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      • Table Files as datasource --> browse my .xls file

      my .xls document is a table with monthly sales: rows are companies, columns are months in 2012 Jan to Dec. Into QlikView, import gives me 13 tables: one with the companies names, and 12 with sales for each months.

      1. how do i get a single table on import, very similar to the table in Excel ? what is it not the default presentation mode ?
      2. if there is no mean to load the .xls into one single table, how can i merge the tables as to get a single table ?


      my script looks like this

      LOAD [Corporate Account],








      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

      and it brings one QlikView table per month plus one for accounts name.