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    Ratios of Current vs Previous Years

      Hi All,


      I need to put in a formula which is the ratio of profits from the current year vs the previous year in a straight table for all underwriting years (which is the dimension in the straight table).


      My current formula looks like:



      Sum({$<PLR_PLY_TRANSACTIONTYPE = {'*'}-{'Q'},UnderwritingYear={'UnderwritingYear'}>}PLR_T_COYPREM) / Sum({$<PLR_PLY_TRANSACTIONTYPE = {'*'}-{'Q'},UnderwritingYear={'UnderwritingYear-1'}>}PLR_T_COYPREM)


      This however doesn't seem to be generating anything in my straight table except for a series of NULL values.


      I'm guessing there's something wrong with the syntax I'm using.


      Any help is appreciated.