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    Create qvw file which during reload executes other qvw's

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hello everyone,


      What I'm trying to accomplish is the following thing.


      I have 3 QVDLoaders.

      If the QVDLoaders are all finished then the dashboard needs to reload.


      I want to create a qvw (let's call it ExecLoader) that during the reload executes the 3 QVDLoaders.


      I think it needs to be done with a macro but I don't have much knowledge about Macro's.

      And the created qvw (ExecLoader) needs to be scheduld in the QlikView Server (SBE).

      I heard that you can't executes macro's with the QlikView Server but like a said I don't have much knowledge about macro's


      I hope someone can help me.


      Thanks in advance