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    set analysis help - getting previous fiscal month using fiscal calendar



      I'm not really sure how to approach this problem, but I'm assuming set analysis is the way to go.

      Basically for my report I need to compare:

      current month sales, same month last year sales, previous month sales, previous month last year sales, example:

      April 2010, April 2009, March 2010, March 2009


      Only selection available for user is the store number, and monthname (April 2010, March 2010..).

      I have to use fiscal calendar for this as some months have 4 fiscal weeks and some have 5 fiscal weeks (fiscal Feb 2010 has 5 weeks, this overlaps 2 regular months of Jan and Feb). Fiscal calendar is already loaded in the report, but I don't know how to create set analysis formulas to calculate the sales amount. I attached my qlikview application.


      Thank you