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    Reduction & Distribute with Publisher doc with Section Access

      Hi all,

      I have an app with Section Access like that:



      upper('ADMIN')         AS ACCESS,

      upper(EMPLIDAC)   AS NTNAME,

      upper(EMPLIDAC)   AS LOGIN

      FROM QVD_SEGUR.qvd


      One Field has connection with data model: LOGIN.

      I need to reduce data by other field (office) and generate one .qvw per office.

      Each office has several LOGIN and we need to create one doc per office but each doc has all estructure of section access.


      The doc has a "Initial data reduction based on section access" and "Strict exclusion".


      When I run reduction in Publisher per office it works ok, but I have just one user, the user of service. This person is the one who opens the doc to make the reduction and distribution.


      The problem is didnt keep all users in section access.


      I hope explained well.