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    How the Date fill will be considered when it is in range(From date and To date)

      Hi All,

      We are facing major issue in one our application. The problem is with the Date field and there is no specific table in the database which can give the complete date information, means we can't get the complete date from one table itself. In all the tables Date field are in From and To date range.

      In this case how which field I need to consider to create Day,Month or any other list box of date field.

      For example:

      If the user selects some specific date range then it should give the correct value as shown below in the comments.


      FSMST AREA (Area where FS is working)

      A X

      B Y

      C Z

      D M

      FSMST AREA FROM TO (Time period when FS was working in this area)

      B X 01/01/10 31/03/10 // (This is should get selected if the selection is 15/03/10)

      A X 01/04/10 30/07/10

      B Y 01/04/10 31/03/11 // (This is should get selected if the selection is 01/05/10)

      C Z 01/01/10 30/04/10

      D Z 01/05/10 31/12/10


      Please tell me what is the solution for this? How it can be achieved?

      Only after doing this rest of the things can be done. So some one please help me out.

      If my query is not understandable then please let me know the same.