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    Niranjan k

      Hi All,


      Could some one help me to know about Trigger use in Qlikview

      While Developing QVW


      Thanks In Advance


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          Stefan Wühl

          A trigger catches a certain event, e.g. a OnOpen document event or a variable change event.

          You can then define several actions that QV automatically executes when the trigger fires.


          You can define these triggers and actions in Document properties - Triggers, in sheet properties and also on some chart object properties like button or text boxes.

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            Steve Dark

            What is it that you are wanting to achieve with a Trigger?  swuehl 's description of how to set them up is spot on.  Personally I would warn against them though - as making selection changes or navigation changes based on an event can confuse users - as things happen that they are not in control of.


            They can be useful though, perhaps using a selection in a data island to cause something to be selected in the rest of the data model.