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    Aggr Sums in PivotTable with Hierarchy Groups

    Stanislav Chernov

      Hi, i create tatle for tests:

      LOAD RecNo() as ID,
      * Inline
      [ Group1, Group2, Amount , Shop
      GroupN1, Group2N1, 130, Shop1
      GroupN1, Group2N2, 50, Shop1
      GroupN1, Group2N3, 100, Shop1
      GroupN1, Group2N4, 220, Shop1
      GroupN1, Group2N1, 97, Shop2
      GroupN1, Group2N2, 51, Shop2
      GroupN1, Group2N3, 102, Shop2
      GroupN1, Group2N5, 77, Shop2


      in pivot table i want to calculate sums with aggregation by group1 and shop1,



      but it work for only first group2N1, for other not, - why?


      i'll use QlikView 11.2 SR5 (build 12235)