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    Compare two dates and return delays on dynamic table

      Hello guys, merry Christmas to everyone.


      I'm a B.I. beginner and I'm making some basic mistakes, i need a little help with the following situation:


      I have a table of  project 'Deliverables' where there's among other fields, the 'delivered' date field and the 'baseline' date field.


      I'm trying to make a dynamic table that returns the deliverables that had been delivered with delay, so basically i need to bring those were delivered date > baseline date and I'm working on an expression for doing that.


      My expression had been working more or less like that (forget about provider task and year parts, they're ok):


      =if([Provider Task %] = '100' and (Year([Deliverable Start Date]) >= 2013) and (month([Task Baseline Finish Date]) < month([Deliverable Start Date])), [Deliverable Start Date])


      were Deliverable Start Date can be considered the 'delivered' date, and the baseline finish date speaks for itself. Tough this formula has an issue, it gets only stuff that has been delayed for more then a month, deliverables that had been delayed within the same month are excluded from that logic. I tried the day() function but obviously it looked only for the days and didn't work.


      Any ideas? Thanks.