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    Refreshing the task outside of the machine

      Hi, We have this set up of having 2 QVWs one for data extract and the other which contains the GUI(dashboard) as such. The extract qvw runs in the client machine and then gets ftped to our server where we have the qlikview server. Then the reload task runs and the GUI contains a Binary load of the extract qvw.


      Now the issue if the data extract fails for some reason, the client wants to run the whole qlikview process themselves without depending on us. The first step, the extract, can be done as it sits in their machine. They can also ftp the extract qvw to our machine. But they cannot access out machine where there qv server is hosted, which means they have to depend on us to do the GUI refresh. Is there anyway we can enable them to do it? I read about EDX, but not sure if that can be used here as these are completely 2 different machines in 2 different networks.


      Kindly advise.