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    Request to resolve my challenging work.

      Hi All,

      I have an excel file (Attached) which need to be loaded in QV in such a way that all the sub domain  which has domain engagement status as c (C represents 'current')in any account and there is an opportunity (domain engagement status as 'O' ) in another account.


      The result must be given below

      Sub DomainFunctional AreaAccountDomain Engagment Status
      PayerMembershipUnited Health GroupC
      PayerMembershipHumana CarePlusC
      PayerBenefits ManagementHumana CarePlusC
      PayerProvider ManagementUnited Health GroupC
      PayerProvider ManagementHumana CarePlusC
      PayerMedical ManagementHumana CarePlusO
      PayerClaim AdjudicationHumana CarePlusC
      PayerFinanceHumana CarePlusC
      PayerUnderwriting & ActuariesHumana CarePlusO
      PayerCustomer ServiceHumana CarePlusO
      PayerCustomer ServiceNEHEN and Rx GatewayC
      PayerSales & MarketingKaiserC
      PayerEDI (HL7/X12)KaiserC
      PayerEDI (HL7/X12)Humana CarePlusC
      PayerEDI (HL7/X12)NEHEN and Rx GatewayC
      PayerClaim Fraud DetectionTruvenC
      PayerClaim AuditsTruvenC
      PayerHealth PlansTruvenC
      Life SciencesResearch & DevelopmentPfizerO
      Life SciencesDrug DiscoveryPfizerO
      Life SciencesClinical TrialsPfizerO
      Life SciencesMedical InfoPfizerO
      Life SciencesQuality & ManufacturingPfizerO
      Life SciencesQuality & ManufacturingGlenmark GenericsC
      Life SciencesQuality & ManufacturingPacific BiosciencesO
      Life SciencesSales & MarketingPfizerO
      Life SciencesLegal / CorporatePfizerO


      Thanks for you reply.