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    What is CAL ?? Please explain clearly

    Sanket Khunte

      What is CAL ?? Please explain clearly

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          sujeet Singh

          Hi it seems that it is a question for me too.

          But in Qlikview finction we have a CALL function.

          As till i think it is a naming convention followed by the developers .

          May be !!

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            Nitin Gupta

            CAL is  Client Access License.


            it is a license that will authorize users to access the application over access point of desktop client.


            In qlikview there are 4 types of CALs









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              Mark James

              Hello Sankeet,


              CAL stands for Client Access License, and offers different license types depending on the user type and what the user is intending to do.


              For example, a Named User CAL is used as a dedicated user license, which means one user has the privilege to see/open as many documents as he/she likes. This license can also be used for the local QlikView Desktop client for development of applications. This is our highest form of license.


              We then also have Document CALs which entitle one user access to one document. These are the cheapest in the License model, and users often have more of these. These can be used as a pool of licenses when others such as Named User, Session or Usage CALs are taken.


              We then also have Session CALs which are intended for a user to have a license for his session where he can open any document. Once he has left QlikView server, I believe his session is over, and the license is returned to the available pool.


              I am attaching a document which should help explain things better.


              Please mark as helpful and answered if I have helped to answer your question.

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                Israr Khan


                CAL Stand for "Client Access License", its a license key, which you assign to user or document to open and see document.


                There are 4 types of CAL in qlikview


                Client Access License (CAL) type:

                “User” = Named User CAL, (assign to user or Computer, so user can open any number of documents)

                “Session” = Session CAL (its session based, sharing session for some defined time)

                “Usage” = Usage CAL (calculated as use browse)

                “Document” = Document CAL ( assigned to document)


                There are different prices for each CAL you can see the server reference manual for detail.


                Hope it helps...