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    Creating dynamic date bookmarks

    paul edrich

      Hi and thanks for any help on this topic.


      I have read numerous posts within the community & external blogs but don't seem to be able to create the solution.


      I have the need to create a variety of bookmarks relating to dates and to start with wanted to create a bookmark for today which refreshes every day. I have:-


      1. Created a search string from a 'Date' list box of '=Date=date(Today(1))'

      2. Created a new bookmark 'BM01'

      3. Added an on Open event trigger 'Select in Field' - Field is 'Date', Search String is '=Date=date(today(1))'

      4. Added a further action to the trigger of replace bookmark 'BM01'


      Works fine for today but tomorrow selects yesterday - I have read Qlikview Notes: Initial Selections and Current Selections which was helpful but doesn't solve my problem.


      In addition - I am looking to create a bookmark which selects the last 12 months excluding this month which would refresh - in my script I have 'Year(Today())-Year(TransactionDate)) + Month(Today()) - Month(TransactionDate) as MonthsAgo'.


      By using '=MonthsAgo>0' & '=MonthsAgo<13 works fine until I bookmark, selection of the bookmark is >0


      Any help, as always is appreciated.