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    Partial Reload

      Dear all,


      I wonder, can I use Partial Reload with Non-Partial Reload both for one report regularly and how can I release it in QEMC.


      Thanks in advance

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          Nitin Gupta

          Hi Kristina,


          I dont think that you can use Reload and Partial Reload simultaneously.


          But you can use in two steps,

          First reload the application and on successful completion of this task execute another task of partial reload.


          Please explain in brief regarding your requirement, so that we can think of any alternative solution.




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              Hi Nitin!

              Thank you for your reply!

              We're trying to lower CPU usage through some optimization.


              For example, it's enough to load section access tables once a day, while ledger transactions statistics should be reloaded every 5 minutes.

              Normally, Section Access doesn't take much resources, but for one particular report it's rather heavy.


              The problem is that the flag 'Partial Reload' refers to all tasks in QEMC




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                  Sunil Chauhan


                  You can restrict a portion to load on particular time like .if you want section to load at morning 10 am then you can restrict using


                  if(time(Today())='10:00:00' ) then   // you can check the format of time


                  section access


                  Load statement;


                  section application



                  end if


                  i thing its better idea to restrict it at one time in a day.


                  hope this make sense


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                sujeet Singh

                Kristina it is really confusing and till date i have not encountered any such application .

                But may be you need to set two task one with complete reload and one with partial may be just my view.

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                  jagan mohan rao appala



                  Store your section access data in QVD and then load it during Normal reload, a qvd file is loaded much faster than database or some files.  I think this is the better option it won't take much time to load. 


                  In QVD generation file just use if condition to restrict the generation of QVD or you can create new qlikview file for generating section access qvd file and schedule it to reload every hour.


                  Hope it helps you.




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                    Peter Cammaert

                    Maybe you should have a look at performing Incremental Loading.


                    On average, loading a section access table isn't taking much time. But refreshing transaction tables in whole is. Since transaction tables have a tendency not to forget (they keep history), you could devise a technique to load only the additions every 5 minutes.


                    There are lots of discussions about Incremental LOADs. You can get started with Incremental Load.docx.





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                      Thank you all for help!


                      The problem was that we didn't understand the difference between TASKS and TRIGGERS in QEMC.


                      Two different tasks for one report solved the problem.