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    Load from an existing QLikView table



      I would like to separate LOAD (in the main script) from clean up operations (in a clean up script).


      also, I would like to load data in the clean up script from tables that i obtained loading data in the main script. so far i have



      LOAD Country,

           [Corporate Account],

           [Sales Account],

           [Billing Account]



      (biff, embedded labels, table is Account$)


      in the main script. and this in the clean up script:



      mapping load * inline [

      x, y

      'LTD.', 'LIMITED'

      'LTD', 'LIMITED'




      LOAD Country,

           [Corporate Account],

           [Sales Account],

           MapSubString('CleanUpMap',[Billing Account]) as [Billing Account]

      FROM accountInfo


      and this is not compiling as QLikView looks for the file accountInfo in the current folder.


      Do you have an idea ?