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    Need Expressor Help

    vishal waghole

      Hi Community,


      I need help regarding Expressor.

      I have Data like this


      EmpNo,     Ename,       Dname,      Sal
      001,          ABC001,      Marketing, 12000
      002,          ABC002,      Marketing, 14000
      003,          ABC003,      Marketing, 13500
      004,          ABC004,      Developer, 11000
      005,          ABC005,      Developer, 11500


      and here i want to filter those data whoes Empno belong to 'Marketing'.

      For that i have took one Read Operator, one Filter Operator and two Write Operator.


      In Filter Operator Rules i have written code like


      input.Dname == "Marketing"


      those are belong to Marketing Department are insert into First Write File and

      those are not which are insert in to Second Write File


      but it will not work.


      - Regards,
      Vishal Waghole