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    Interview Faced Questions (2+ Years)

      Hi To all,

         Anyone Faced For  Qlikview Developer Interview Questions (2+ Years) Please Post For Me....!

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          shan dar

          Hi Reddy,

          Once u go through the QlikView Server Reference Manual.pdf. You can answer any question related to Qlikview desktop.



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            1. Whats your role in your project

            2. Whats your daily activity in your project

            3. Requirement Gathering

            4. Tell me about your project

            5. What is the major KPI s in your project

            6. What is Dashboard

            7. What type of architecture are you using in your project

            8. What type of schema are you using in your project. and why

            9. Difference between Star & Snowflake schema

            10. What is Peek, Previous, Apply map, Interval Match

            11. Whats is the difference between Pick and Match

            12. What is Fuzzy search

            13. How many charts are you used till now

            14. Have you used macros in your project and why

            15. Whats the difference between QV versions

            16. Have you used Alternate states and why

            17. How many dimensions are used in Guage Chart

            18. What is set analysis

            19. Best datamodelling techniques

            20. You have any knowledge about QV server and Publisher

            21. What is Incremental Load

            22. Have you Create Add hoc reports in your project And how

            23. Any knowledge about Data Island

            24. DMS authorization

            24. Section Access

            25. Conditional enabling

            26. Difference between join and keep

            27. Difference between Concatenate and join

            28. String Functions

            29. Binary Load, Preceding Load, Partial Load

            30. How many ways you can maintain to store the QVD's


            And will ask Some real time scenarios




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              sivasankar kanagasabai
              QlikView Architecture :
              • Optimized and unoptimized QVD Load Situations?
              • Explain 3 tier architecture implementation while deploying QlikView application?
              • Briefly explain how does QlikView storage the data internally?
              • What are the restrictions of Binary Load?
              • How are NULLS implemented in QlikView?
              • How do you optimize QlikView Application? (What tools are used and where do you start?)
              • What is the difference between Subset ratio & Information Density?
              QlikView Scripting :
              • What is the difference between ODBC, OLE DB & JDBC?
              • What is the use of Crosstable prefix in QlikView Load Script?
              • What is Mapping Load & ApplyMap() ?
              • Synthetic Keys in QlikView and how & when to avoid them?
              • Different flavours of Joins in QlikView?
              • What is the difference between Join & Keep?
              • How do you use Having clause (SQL Equivalent) along with Groupby in QlikView?
              • Explain IntervalMatch function in QlikView?
              • Explain Concatenation, No Concatenation & Auto Concatenation?
              • Explain how to implement Incremental Load?
              • What is Circular Loop and how do you avoid it?
              • Explain Exists() function in QlikView and when do you use this function?
              • What is Generic Load in QlikView?
              QlikView Expression Language / UI :
              • Explain Aggr Function?
              • What is the use of FirstSortValue in QlikView?
              • What are Set Modifiers and Set Identifiers?
              • What is P() & E() and where do you use them?
              • What is the difference between ValueList() and ValueLoop()?
              • What is Partial Reload? and why do you use “ONLY” Qualifier?
              • What is the difference between Cyclic Group & Drilldown Group?
              • Explain alternate states and where do you use them?
              QlikView Security :
              • Describe Section Access architecture?
              • What is the difference between Authentication & Authorization in QlikView? And how to implement them?
              • What is the difference between File System Security vs Section Access?
              • Explain “Strict Exclusion” while implementing Section Access and what are the implications of not using this option?
              • How do you implement Section Access on hierarchy based data?
              QlikView Server & Publisher :
              • What are the multiple protocols defined for client communication with QVS?
              • Explain different communication encryptions for Windows Client & AJAX Client?
              • What is the use of Anonymous User Account in QVS?
              • What are the different types of CALs and explain them?
              • What are the different editions of QlikView Server?
              General :
              • Difference between Star Schema & Snow Flake Schema?
              • Difference between RDBMS & Associative Database?
              • Ragged Hierarchies in Datawarehousing
              • Explain EAV data modelling technique?
              • What are slowly changing dimensions?
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                Rohit Koul

                Ooh you can't Predict that here you have to be experienced and prepared and go through the Reference Manuals and on your experience ... Just relax chill and be well prepared.


                Wish you all the Best.


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                  jagan mohan rao appala



                  In addition to Nirmal points


                  1. Qlikview 11 features

                  2. What is Circulat loops

                  3. What is Synthetic key, is it good or bad having?

                  4. What P() and E() in Set analysis?

                  5. What is Comparitive analysis?

                  6. What is Mekko chart and what is the difference between bar and Mekko chart?

                  7. What is the difference between Pivot, Straight and Table box?

                  8. How you connect to Database?

                  9. What are the various data sources for Qlikview?

                  10. What is partial reloading?

                  11. How you refresh you dashboards periodically?

                  12. What are the different types of CALs available?

                  13. What are the various joins available in Qlikview?

                  14. How you use Macros in Qlikview?

                  15. How you optimize Qlikview dashboards?

                  16. What care should be taken while designing a datamodel?

                  17. How you test your Dashboard?

                  18. Types of authorization in Qlikview?

                  19. Difference between Join and Concatenate?

                  20. What is NoConcatenate?






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                    Hi All,

                    Try to answer as many questions as you can, without any external help:

                    1. What are the common steps in every Data Modeling process?

                    2. What are the two main techniques of combining Fact Tables, and the differences between the two?

                    3. How can you work with Slowly Changing Dimensions in QlikView?

                    4. How can you organize an efficient Delta Load, in a variety of data scenarios?

                    5. How should you structure your code using subroutines and functions?

                    6. What’s the difference between the following expressions: vVariable, $(vVariable) and $(=vVariable) ? Which one to use when?

                    7. What’s considered “Safe” vs. “Unsafe” use of AGGR within a chart? What’s the difference between DISTINCT and NODISTINCT AGGR ?

                    8. How is AGGR different from TOTAL?

                    9. Imagine you are displaying KPI results, color-coded with Red, Yellow and Green. Can you count the number of Red results, vs. Yellow, vs. Green, and show the totals in a summarized table?

                    10. If you are using Set Analysis in a nested aggregation with AGGR, where do you need to place the Set Analysis condition?

                    11. What’s the best way to visualize variance from average, along with standard error? How does average differ from median?

                    12. How do you create a chart with a dynamic callout on a specific Dimensional Value?




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                        Jack Zhang

                        Good question! Mark for usage in future and thanks for everyone's sharing!

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                          Nagendra Babu

                          could anyone plz share answers,, my email id is nagendrababutiruveedula@gmail.com

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                            1. Where do you create Dimension and Measure tags? How are they useful?
                            2. What is concept of Alternate States? Syntax for using in Set Analysis?
                            3. What are the different File Functions and QVD functions?
                            4. Can you store specific fields from loaded table to QVD?
                            5. What is Alt() function and its usuage?
                            6. What is Link Table and when is this used?
                            7. What is subfield() and if we use that on several fields what is the result ?What is Substring?
                            8. How can you implement SCD in Qlikview?Explain in Detail?
                            9. What are synthetic keys ? How can they be avoided?In what Scenario Synthetic Keys are better?
                            10. What is difference between Sum() and RangeSum()?
                            11. What is FieldValue() ? What is the restriction on this function?
                            12. Difference between ApplyMap() and Lookup()?
                            13. Difference between Set and Let?Difference between Rowno() and Recno()?
                            14. Difference between P() and E()?
                            15. Difference between Peek(),Pick() and Previous?
                            16. What are Circular References?How do you avoid them?
                            17. What are Value List and Value Loops?Tell me with scenarios?
                            18. What is Rand() ,Autonumber() and Autogenerate()?
                            19. What is Information Density and Subset Ratio?
                            20. Explain me with scenarios of Primary Key and Perfect Key?
                            21. Difference between Recno() and Rowno()?
                            22. What is First Value and FirstSorted Value()?
                            23. Tell me how to use Qualify and UnQualify?
                            24. What are the different Error Modes ? What are the different Script Errors?
                            25. Have you Used Bubble Sort? In which scenario we should use?
                            26. Have you plotted the Trellis Bar Chart and Stacked Bar Charts?
                            27. How many maximum Dimensions we can use in Different Charts?
                            28. What is Aggr() and Dual() ?
                            29. Why Sum() is better than Count()?
                            30. List some Better Practices that you have used in your Work?
                            31. Have you worked on reading Done Files?How do we handle them?
                            32. Tell me how can we work Insert,Update and Delete on Incremental Loads?
                            33. Explain the QV Development Life Cycle til the User Visualizes the Dashboard?
                            34. What is 3 Value Logic in Qlikview ?Can you Elaborate in Detail?
                            35. Have you used Include and Config files?Can you write sample scripts for each?
                            36. Explain the Folder Structure we follow during the development and Folder Structure in QMC?
                            37. Explain about the Section Access in brief and important setups we need to do?
                            38. What is Custom Sort and have you ever tried to implement?
                            39. What is the RAM Size and Processor of your RAM?What is the Application Size ?
                            40. What is use of  BUFFER Keyword in Qlikview ?
                            41. Difference between Join and Keep? Which is Better and when?
                            42. Explain me about CrossTable and Generic Loads?
                            43. Have you implemented Waterfall Chart ?How do we implement them?
                            44. Explain me how do we connect to OLEDB Connection?
                            45. What is Custom Format in Qlikview?
                            46. If I Want to Skip specific rows in Excel during Load how do we need to do that?
                            47. Brief me about Set Analysis?Tell me script to compare the Sales of this year to Last Year?
                            48. Explain me about Source and User Documents in QMC?
                            49. What are Different CAL's and its usage?
                            50. Explain me some steps to improve Performance in Scripting,GUI ?
                            51. Important Steps during the Data Model Design?
                            52. Star Schema and Snowflake Schema ? Which is Best? What have you used?




                            HI Nanda can you please send these Questions answers.

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                              ISHFAQUE AHMED

                              Dear All,


                              QlikView Interview Quesitons.pdf



                              Kind regards,

                              Ishfaque Ahmed