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    Issue with String handling script

      Hi all,


      This is a line I'm trying to put in my script to check an early if statement in debug.


      set vTemp2= upper(left(filename('$(FoundFile)'),len(filename('$(FoundFile)'))-21));


      The FoundFile is a loop parameter.

      I have this line one step earlier :

      set vTemp=  '$(FoundFile)';

      It works and gives me a path to the file.


      but the line I showed you doesnt give me a result and what I get in vTemp2 is a long string of :



      where am I wrong?






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          Janne Miettinen

          LET vTemp2= upper(left(filename('$(FoundFile)'),len(filename('$(FoundFile)'))-21));


          Quote from Qlikview help

          The syntax is:

          let variablename=expression

          Note that the word let may be omitted.

          Set x=3+4;

          Let y=3+4;



          $(x) will be evaluated as '3+4 '

          $(y) will be evaluated as '7'

          $(z) will be evaluated as '8'




          Let T=now( );

          $(T) will be given the value of the current time.