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    Autoloading a file

      I apologise if this has been answered multiple times, however I am still trying to get to grips with the behind the scenes of Qlikview.



      I have a file that is generated into a directory. The directory gets cleaned everytime there is a new file created so that there is only one file in there at any one given time. However the file names changes every time it is created. I need to load this file into qlikview without having to change the code every time. The file format and fields does not change. So an example of files can be:


      \\temp\allocation\zzzalldata-2013-12-24.xlsx or

      \\temp\allocation\zzzalldata-2014-01-01.xlsx etc.....



      Is there a way in Qlikview to load a file from a specified directory without knowing the file name. So I know the directory is \\temp\allocation\. I know that the last part contains a date and I want to extract that from the file name as well, so I know when the file was created. I would hope someone would help me code this.


      Current code example:



      Load a,





      (ooxml,embedded lables, table is [report$]);



      Thank you very much for your assistance