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    compare value to list error

      I'm trying to compare a variable to match a list, something like 'IN' in SQL.


      How do I create a variable containing  a list, and how to I compare a certain variable with 1 string to the list variable and check whether it is in the list.

      is this correct?

      let vTest = '1;2;3';

      let vTemp= '1';

      if match ('$(vTemp)','$(vTest)')  then



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          Stefan Wühl

          Your list of values in the match functions needs to be delimited by a comma, and you need to take care of quotation when comparing strings.


          So this should work:


          Set vTest = "'Aa','B','C'";

          Set vTemp= "'Aa'";


          IF Match ($(vTemp),$(vTest))  then

            TRACE Success;


            TRACE NOSUCCESS;


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            Jonathan Dienst



            You can do this with


                 If index(vTest, vTemp) > 0 Then


                 If index(';' & vTest & ';', ';' & vTemp & ';') > 0 Then     //(exact matches)


            But if you need to use match, then:


            let vTest = '1;2;3';

            let vTemp = '1';


            Let vList = chr(39) & Replace(vTest, ';', chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & chr(39);

            If Match(vTemp, $(vList)) Then


            Note that there are NO quotes in the Match expression, they have been added beforehand (chr(39))




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              The list is created by a load script in which I add to this list ID numbers from a table.




                LOAD concat(RUN_ID,',') as RUN_IDList

                from 'c:\DATA_TABLE.qvd' (qvd)

                let vRunIdList=peek('RUN_IDList',0,TempList);


              Any recommendations to this list creation? and to the match function?



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                Srikanth P

                Try with WildMatch function like below:


                let vTest = '1;2;3';

                let vTemp= '1';

                if WildMatch('$(vTemp)','$(vTest)')  then