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    Scatter plot issue when using cyclic group drilling to single value

    Nick Todd

      I'm having a problem using a cyclic group in conjunction with a scatter chart.


      In the example attached, showing student marks for a module (Y-Axis) against student average (X-axis) I've added a cyclic group so I can either show student year of birth or sex. This works well for modules M1 - M4 which have both male and female students marks.


      For modules M5 and M6 only male students (E and F) took the module - now when I cycle the group to sex instead of seeing chart symbols for male the chart plots the student ID - which is not what I want (presumably, since sex doesn't change the chart shows the next dimension that does).


      Also, once I have cycled to sex for modules M5 and M6 the cyclic group button disappears!


      Any ideas how I can solve this problem and show sex correctly no matter which module I display?


      many thanks