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    Conditional calculation for expressions

    Simon Brulotte

      Hi, so I built myself a sandbox.


      using this tutorial:




      All expressions are built in the pivot I want to show, and I'm using this expression in the conditional calculation of expressions:





      Concurrently, I have a table loaded inline table that has two fields:

      Expr_m, and Expr_ID_m


      A listbox of Expr_m gives me what expression I'd like to show.

      It works great. But if there is no selection in thaat field... ALL expressions in the pivot show up.

      That is a problem. I initially just made a condition on the pivot to show only if there was at least one selection done on Expr_m.

      that works great. But I'm up to a point where I have to many expressions to show in one single listbox, I want to segregate into multiple list boxes.

      Expressions for monthly, trimestre, semestre, and YTD.

      The work around I found was an extra line in my load inline tables that read EMPTY, with an ID that doesn't match anything, with an automatic selection on these values on sheet activation. THAT IS UGLY.

      There must be a better way to limit the expressions shown if I am using multiple listboxes.


      I hope I was clear enough. I can't upload my data, but if I get really stuck, I'll try to do a mockup for this forum.