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    class(), increment by standard deviation

    lin ye

      want to show a chart with count of error on y, and standard deviation group of error on x

      error is a field already in table, need to calculate standard deviation group on front end. I know i can do it in the back end, but i what to keep standard dev dynamic based on selected criteria.


      outcome of the chart in table format:


      say standard devation is 2, and mean is 20


      stdev group   error range

      -1                   18<=x<20         

      0                    20

      1                    20<x<=22

        • Re: class(), increment by standard deviation
          Stefan Wühl

          Your buckets are not of equal size, which is not supported by the class function.


          You can create two variables vSTD and vAVG:





          and then a chart with a calculated dimension


          =class(error, vSTD, 'error', vAVG)


          and an expression



          to show a histogram with buckets of size of the standard deviation grouped around the mean value.