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    Qlikview support SAP OCX connection ?

    Rodrigo Giner

      Hi, I created this post in another category, because it wasnt related to the official SAP Connector.


      CreateObject("SAP.Functions") Doesnt work in Qlikview ?


      So in this forum perhaps I can be told if this is somehow "blocked" or "forbiden" by Qlikview so you should to get the official connector.


      Im a humble 10 years ABAP Consultant that is starting with Qlikview, so the communication between SAP and Qlikview is a great point of interest for me. I know I could buy the official SAP Connector and there are other thirds party solution like Xtract, but there aren't free.


      In my post I wrote a VB Script that works fine in Excel but it doesnt work in Qlikview and now Im starting the think that it doesnt work because is somehow blocked, if is this the case Qlikview is in all his right... but I find it somehow silly because there are severals ways to get data from SAP, so I would like at least a confirmation of this.


      Anyone could give me a hand to check if this is viable or not ?


      Why I want to use the RFC functions ? so I can retrive data from SAP with only using a SAP Logon username (with rights of course) not all the client are willing to give away a DB username to acces via ODBC.