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    Help: Calling Macro Open opens me up the "Module Windows"

      Hi, I Created a button with an Action that run this Macro.


      Set R3 = CreateObject(“SAP.Functions”)
      R3.Connection.client = “800″
      R3.Connection.User = “ROGI”
      R3.Connection.Password = “XXX”
      R3.Connection.Language = “EN”
      R3.Connection.ApplicationServer = “<HOST>"


      If R3.Connection.logon(0, True) <> True Then
          msgbox "CANNOT Connect"


          msgbox "Connected"

      end If


      If I Click the button the Module Windows opens up, I have readed somewhere that is because there is an error... but I tested this Macro in Excel and the msgbox appear as "Connected" so it works.



      1- Why is the reason that the Module Windows Appears.

      2- If its because an error.... why o why works fine in Excel. As far as I know the OCX are istalled OS level, if it works in Excel, why doesnt work in Qlikview ?


      Can someone help me pls.