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    Graph labels



      When I make the size of my chart smaller, at one moment the labels "disappear" into the chart. How am I able to make my chart smaller, but without losing part of my labels?


      Thanks in advance.


      (by the way, I made the font size very big here below for my example)




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          Manish Kachhia

          Click on the Chart

          Press CTRL + SHIFT.. it will give you red line ....

          You can now make the bar size smaller to make the label appear properly.

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            anant dubey

            in case of long Text dimension it is better to have Horizontal bar chart .


            for this right click bar chart -> properties-> style  in orientation select Horizontal style

            after vthis you see all your long Text dimension will be visible




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              Suresh Baabu


              on Axes tab - reduce the font size for Dimension Axis. use Ctrl+Shift and reduce the chart area


              Since you have lot of values for the dimension; I would suggest the following

              1) on Style tab - change the chart orientation to 'Vertical'

              2) on Presentation tab - enable X axis scroll bar and set the value.


              Hope it helps!!!