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    Not waiting for task completion when using QlikView 11 EDX

      I have a QlikView document which triggers a number of reloads depending if certain criteria is met. The tasks are triggered using EXECUTE statements and QV11 EDX:

      execute cmd.exe /c "Scrpt1.bat";

      execute cmd.exe /c "Scrpt2.bat";

      execute cmd.exe /c "Scrpt3.bat";


      The content of each of these bat files is something like:

      "qmsedx.exe" -task="Script1.qvw" -qms="http://localhost:4799/QMS/Service" -password=""


      Everythings works well, all the scripts are running fine and the tasks are triggered correctly. However, they are triggered in succession it is waiting for each reload to complete and I am now looking into how to run them in parallel. Basically, I don't want to wait for each of the bat files to finish (Script1, Script2, Scrip3). Is there a way to achieve this? I have done something similar using QV10.