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    Load Data from gisgraphy / xml source

    Markus Gombocz

      Hello QV User's and Developers!


      Im looking for a hint or solution to load data from a web-source (gisgraphy, example: http://services.gisgraphy.com/geocoding/geocode?country=AT&address=1010 ) .. (of course i set up my own server, but this public server is for example, so please use it with care), result is xml: example:


      <results><numFound>1</numFound><QTime>86</QTime><result><id>2761369</id><lng>16.372079849243164</lng><lat>48.20848846435547</lat><geocodingLevel>CITY</geocodingLevel><name>Vienna</name><zipCode>1010</zipCode><city>Vienna</city><state>Politischer Bezirk Wien (Stadt)</state><countryCode>AT</countryCode></result></results>


      i have a table with postcodes, and i want to join or create a new table with long and lat from that source.


      i need to query every entry in that postcodes table against my gisgaphy server, is that possible with QV?


      Thank you soo much for every little hint!