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    QlikView installation MSI for automated/ remote software deployment

    Georgina Spary

      Hello folks


      For various reasons our IT guys need to be able to install QV end client remotely onto a range of PCs using their SDS. I'm meeting with them next week & wanted to get a bit of background


      - is this possible?

      - They would want to work with an MSI rather than the .exe - is that available (English, 64bit, V11.2) and if so where?

      - Or - does the .exe unpack into an MSI?

      - I was hoping they would be able to install a version with a close resemblance to the IE + Plugin experience, i.e. fewer options, fewer buttons, a cleaner screen. Is it possible for them to modify their installation package to remotely install something configured to our requirements?


      thanks in advance