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    Scatter plot: always show dimension even when only one option?

      I've been working with some scatter plots to show four values in a chart at once (a year series, ordered by day, plotted against an X and Y value). The chart works great when viewing over multiple year series at once, but when just one of the year series is selected, it shows the days in the legend and changes the colors of the plot points, which is not what I want.


      Seen here, the year series plots as I want:


      But when just 2012 is selected, the legend changes (I don't want that) and the persistent colors then apply at the day level (I don't want that either, I want the entire year series to be the same color as it was before filtering the years). See here:



      I've attached a sample document as well. I bet it's something straightforward that I'm missing, or that perhaps there is a good workaround. Anyone know of a solution? Thanks all.