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    Robert Fishel

      Hello my fellow QV enthusiasts.  I have been searching online and in these forums for an answer to this question, but so far there is not a satisfactory answer.  I have a SQL statement with IS NOT NULL in it.  All I want to know is how to replicate this in QlikView.


      IIf(data_ASN.HAWB Is Not Null And ([Department]="Air" Or [Department]="AIM"),incoterms_3.RL_paid,IIf([Department]="Ocean" Or [Department]="MIM","Y","N")) AS RL_paid,



      I've noticed that a lot of others are unsure of what to do in this situation.  When answering, please be as clear as possible because this discussion will probably get a lot of traffic.  Thanks

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          Nicole Smith

          If(data_ASN.HAWB <> Null() And ([Department]="Air" Or [Department]="AIM"),incoterms_3.RL_paid,If([Department]="Ocean" Or [Department]="MIM","Y","N")) AS RL_paid,




          If(len(data_ASN.HAWB)>0 And ([Department]="Air" Or [Department]="AIM"),incoterms_3.RL_paid,If([Department]="Ocean" Or [Department]="MIM","Y","N")) AS RL_paid,

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            christian juillard



            in QV NOT IS NULL is   NOT IsNull(FieldName)


            However, it sometimes has a strange behaviour, so you can test len(trim(fieldname)) > 0


            best regards